Thursday, March 7, 2013

2nd week of No Rice Diet Challenge

"Nothing can stop me from achieving my long term goal"

                Two weeks ago, I started to post a blog about my diet regimen. No rice diet really made a big difference on my end. Am i still craving for rice? Miraculously not! I guess, it's because I set goals in my mind and i always think that eating rice would make me real fat! To support that mind set, I convinced myself that I can eat whatever I want anyway except those tiny sinful white grains. Chocolates, meat, junk foods, ice cream, I still eat all those but in a very minimal servings. Last week, I set another plan wherein I'll choose a day where I will eat whatever I like (again minimal servings) and I call it "my feast day" and that's gonna be every sunday since it's me & my buh's day. Am i satisfied with that? Absolutely! Mindsetting is my top secret.

                During my "diet" period, my immuned system went down and I got sicked. Well, I was expecting for that to happen because way back, I did try to undergo reduction diet and the same thing happened so I stopped. But now, I just thought that if I stop this nerve cracking diet again, I may consider myself as a failure already. I've decided to continue my diet plan and went to my doctor to relieve my colds and cough. I guess my body made a big adjustment since I totally took off rice on my daily meals. Now, I'm starting to feel well through the help of antibiotics, anti histamine tablets and of course, vitamin c. (credits to Nutrilite Acerola C)

                 Today is the 20th day of my "no rice diet", guess what?! I already lost 10lbs! I am expecting to lose more because later, I'll start running again. I actually stopped working out at Gold's gym when I got sicked. I suspected that because it's fully airconditioned, my sweats were all absorbed back and my lungs somehow surrendered hahaha. Now that I'm a lot better than lastweek, I guess it's time to wear my running shoes again. This time, no gym equipment, no money to spend, no membership document to show off at the front desk, just the stored fats from my tummy and my will to get back into shape.

                  Before I forget, let me share to you what I usually eat during weekdays. Since I am working on a graveyard shift, (yes we're vampires hahah) when I get off my bed at 8:30pm , I grab my mug, pour some hot water on it and stir on my favorite 3in1 coffee to keep me awake for the rest of the night. At 10:30pm, I always spend my break time at "the sandwich guy" since they offer healthy hexagon shaped wheat breads with different variants to choose from. My two favorite sandwiches are chicken bbq and country tuna. These two both have tomatoes, lettuce and cucumber which make the wheat bread more healthy and fun to eat. Sometimes I order seafood pesto and chicken pesto pasta for a change. Since their hexagon sandwiches were cut into two, I just eat the half of it during my 10:30pm break and the other half during my last break. I see to it that I drink more water to make me feel full for the rest of the shift. But sometimes, when I feel hungry in the middle of my shift, I grab some wheat crackers to relieve my hunger. In the morning, I eat cheese bread and hot chocolate or milk. More often, I eat fitnesse wheat cereals since it's healthier than white bread.

                  During weekends, if I spend my off at home, I just buy cooked food (one veggie viand & a grilled chicken breast/no rice of course) at the carinderias nearby. If we will spend our off at the mall, we always dine at restaurants that cater "real" food (not the ones offered at the fastfood chains haha) like The French Baker, Manggan, Kenny Rogers, so on and so forth. After lunch, we visit our favorite coffeeshop, Starbucks. (one venti green tea non fat no whip irish cream frappuccino please!)

                  So basically, that's how I do my reduction diet. Not so strict so I would still enjoy my life while losing weight. Crash diet will just make you flabbier and will cause you gastro diseases, believe me. Been there, done that! Take it slow baby! Do it little by little.

                   For now, I need to sign off coz' there's a file that just arrived in my mail and i need to go back to work now, like now! Shhhhhhh I'm in the office by the way hahaha. Cheers!

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  1. Hey! How about corn rice in replacement of white rice for your diet? Having graveyard shift and diet at the same time will make you really sick. Corn rice has a lot of health benefits since it was rice made of corn. So start losing weight in a healthier way. Cheers!